One on One Art Business Coaching

Hi! Thanks for stopping in.

A bit about me, in case you skipped my home page.

I am an artist, thrilled to operate my own gallery in Denver, Colorado, a ghost blogger, the founder and owner of Where ART Lives online Gallery and Magazine, and a Licensed Life Coach

I have been working with artists for the past ten years, helping them with everything from mindset ( critically important), defining their vision, identifying negative beliefs that lead to self sabotage, implementing strategies and disciplines that lead to success to the basics of blogging, creating content, social media, and pretty much everything in between.

I have strategically laid out systems, but am also flexible in that I will start with whichever area you feel you most need help in, therefore creating an individualized program.

Because I am an artist by profession, I understand and resonate with the challenges of the artists I work with, as I face or have faced at some point in time all of those challenges myself!

I work with emerging, mid career as well as established artists, and offer a free 15 minute consult to see if we are a good fit. Should we decide to work together, you can view my pricing structure below.

I always recommend a 3 or 6 hour bundle, as it is the most economical way to go and requires a bit of commitment from you that helps to keep you motivated and accountable.

These hours do NOT have to be used at once, of course, they are usually broken into 1 or 1 1/2 hour sessions, but they must be purchased at once in advance to receive the discounted price.

*Note...If you are a Where ART Lives Gallery Member, you receive coaching at the very special rate of $50.00 per hour in a 3 hour Bundle, or $65.00 for a Single Session. ( see the bottom buttons)

If you are in the Denver area, and would like to meet in person, I conduct these sessions at my art gallery, otherwise sessions are by phone.

Please direct questions to me at

Single One Hour Session  $85.00  Purchase Below

Three Hour Bundle  $225 (equals $75.00 per hour) Purchase Below

Six Hour Bundle $385 (equals $64.00 per hour) Purchase Below

Where ART Lives Gallery Member Special Coaching Rate -Single Session $65.00
Purchase Below

Where ART Lives Gallery Member Special Coaching Rate -Three Hour Bundle $150

(equals $50.00 per hour) Purchase Below.