You've been investing in art courses; learning and honing your craft.
Now you're ready to get out there and share your art with the world!

You're asking yourself "what do I need, how do I proceed?"
I know EXACTLY what you need and am here to personally guide you.

My Brand New Upgraded ( now including more) Offering is-

The ART - START  PERSONAL COACHING PACKAGE includes everything thing you need to get started, and I will personally lead you through every step by phone, Skype or in person.

*DEFINING YOUR VISION - As we discover together what your personal goals are for your art business, I will help you to create and calendar practices to move toward your goal, that fit with the busy life I know you already have outside of your ART LIFE!

*WEBSITE - Together we will create a beautiful website to showcase and sell your work.
I will teach you how to manage your own site, including uploading images, adding content, sales, shipping, etc.

*SOCIAL MEDIA - You will learn the ins and outs of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, including how to post, when to post, best practices and no-no's.
If you don't already have these platforms, set up, we will set them up together.
Social media is a must for getting your work seen, and creating the personal connection that many collectors desire.

*BLOGGING - We will set up your blog, then I will teach you how to blog confidently and speedily across multiple platforms.
Blogging is critical in marketing your work online. This is something you can do yourself, once you learn, or if you prefer and have the resources, there are many ghost-bloggers out there to do it for you. Blogging is your #1 vehicle for getting your name and keywords into the search engines, so that prospective buyers searching for art online can find your beautiful work.
Blogging is another way to further that personal connection, complimenting your efforts on social media.
Do NOT let this scare you if you do not like to write. Many artists choose to simply post their image, size, medium, keywords, and link to their website. That is perfectly fine, as it is still totally doing the job of getting your name and keywords into the search engines.

We will also cover-

*PHOTOGRAPHING YOUR ART for the online market

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I offer a free 15 minute consult call to assess your needs and determine if we are a good fit.

"The most common money-related mistake artists make is a reluctance to invest in their own careers."

Purchase the Art-Start Personal coaching package.